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Drs. Jeannette Bolck
Counseling • Therapy • Coaching

Keizersgracht 178 • Amsterdam
020 468 90 86 (tue-thu & sat)

The practice is closed on sunday, monday & friday.

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Therapists Arts & Bolck

Therapeuten Arts & Bolck is a collaboration between two broadly educated psychologists, each with their own specialization. Drs. Sabijn Arts starts at the source: helping children and adolescents find a better way to lead their lives. Drs. Jeannette Bolck has the same positive goal in her diverse work with young adults and adults. Their collaboration is based on friendship, a respect for each other’s professional skills and a shared vision that each person is a empowered individual and that therapy is a way to learn how to use this unharnessed strength more effectively.


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Keizersgracht 178
1016 DW Amsterdam
020 468 90 86