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Drs. Jeannette Bolck
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Keizersgracht 178 • Amsterdam
020 468 90 86 (tue-thu & sat)

The practice is closed on sunday, monday & friday.

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Individual Therapy

Unloading, self progress, clarity & confidence

In individual therapy we work one-on-one and, together, try to work on your personal development and get a greater insight into the problems you face. We will work through things, help you to acquire new skills and teach you behavioral alternatives and exercises help to deal with your difficulties.

You’ll learn to feed, nurture and stimulate your own strength. This gives you a greater control over your life, helps you to enjoy it more and to feel happier.

Group Therapy

Learning from eachother

Sometimes it is good to know that you are not the only one with a certain problem. Meeting people who have similar experiences may help you. How does someone else deal with them? Can you learn from them or can you help them?

The groups are composed around a specific problem, for example assertiveness. Such a group would be made up of people with different issues to do with assertiveness, i.e. being too assertive or not assertive enough. You will probably recognize traits in other group members as being those possessed by people you encounter in daily life (for example parents, partners, friends etc). Understanding what somebody is going through at that moment, recognition of their problems and sharing of solutions is central to this therapy.

Relationship therapy

Communicating with and understanding eachother

No relationship exists without communication. Thus communication is the main focus of relationship therapy. What is the other person saying? And - more importantly - what does he or she really mean? A lot of problems in relationships are due to a misinterpretation of signals.

Learn to communicate, interpret and understand verbal and non-verbal signals. With the help of one or two therapists patterns are analyzed and changed or altered where needed.

The aim of this therapy is to gain a fresh and new view of your relationship and to find out where you stand in the present and where you (both as an individual and a couple) want to be in the future.